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Take Your Shot | Allison Bullock

What do you get when you combine craft beer and women in sports?

Take Your Shot Lager.

Brewed for women in sports by our friends at Arcadia Brewing Co., Take Your Shot Lager is made to crush with your teammates, after work, and while you’re watching your fav sports.

Made in her Soul Shot’s home of Edmonton, Alberta, Take Your Shot Lager features 9 women in sports from Edmonton who have taken their shot in sports and continue to inspire others on the daily.

Allison Bullock is one of them.

take your shot lager
How are you involved in sports?

ALLISON: Currently I am a recreational athlete and fan. However, If anyone wants to hire me to be the GM of a hockey team I’d accept the role. I promise to not overpay for meager goaltending!

What role has and/or does sports play in your life?

ALLISON: When I was younger, and pre-transition, sports was a way for me to connect with the gender role the world expected me to play. I excelled at multiple sports and I used that success to feel like I belonged, that I was the boy the world expected me to be.

Currently, I have a complicated relationship with sport. I love being active and pushing myself mentally and physically, but with all the hate in the world right now towards Transgender women and their roles in women’s sports, especially for young Trans children, I generally stick to sports where I don’t compete with anyone but myself. I have started to entertain team sports again but I am concerned about the inevitable challenges to my womanhood.

I still love playing sports and being a fan, it’s just that sports still have a ways to go in accepting non-traditional individuals.

What’s the biggest lesson(s) you’ve learned through sports?

ALLISON: That we still have a long way to go before equality in sport is reached.

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to other girls and women in sports?

ALLISON: You define your success yourself, not by what others believe or say. There will always be those who say you don’t belong or that you can’t do what you want to do, that you can’t be who you want to be. 

You, and only you, control your destiny, your happiness, your sense of self and success. Don’t ever settle for less than you believe you are.

What do you want those who drink this beer to know about women in sports?

ALLISON: You are worthy, you are deserving, you are supported and you are inspiring… and that every body is a bikini body!


take your shot lager


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