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her Soul Shot shows women how powerful they can be through sport by providing inspiration, resources, and opportunities for women to live their soul’s truth through sport.

Through sharing stories of empowerment, providing resources, and connecting women in sport around the world, her Soul Shot helps girls and women come together to lift each other up through sport.




Kyla started her Soul Shot after years of dreaming about what more could be done to help more girls and women change their lives through sports.

As a young girl, Kyla had trouble finding her place in this world. Through sports she’s been able to find her purpose, accept herself, and be proud of the woman she is.

Now, it’s her time to ensure girls and women reach their soul’s potential through sports and never have to doubt their place in the game.

Kyla proves that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from the power of sport as she continues living her dream of playing beer league hockey and sharing the power of sports with others.

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Paige’s first memory of falling in love with sports is being four years old and getting invited to play road hockey with her older brother and his friends. Those invites were not only exhilarating, but gave Paige her first glimpse into what would shape the rest of her life.

Through her childhood and teenage years, being a part of various sports teams became her happy place – the place she found her people, her outlet, and her fire.

Like any Canadian, Saturday nights were (are) for Hockey Night in Canada. And if she’s being honest, mostly for the intermission interviews when she’d craft up her own questions of what she would’ve asked.

Paige spent her time in university studying journalism and becoming increasingly more fascinated by storytelling and the power of human expression.

Now, she’s asking the questions she always dreamed of, working as an on-air host in the Ontario Hockey League for Rogers TV and CBC’s OHL Correspondent.

Meeting new people and learning their stories is what she loves most, and she can’t wait to help you tell yours.

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