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her Soul Shot is a community for women in sport to access the support, exposure, resources, knowledge, and connection they need to take their shot in sport and do what lights their souls on fire—at any level, age, and role in sport.

her Soul Shot is for the woman who loves the game; the woman trying a new sport for the first time; the woman working in sport; the woman who made it pro; the woman who scored her first goal this weekend; the woman who found her community in sport; the woman who started her own business with the confidence sport gave her; the woman cheering on her favourite team, and other women in sport; the woman who feels at home in sport; the woman helping other women in sports; the woman playing for the love of the game; the woman who thinks about what lights her soul on fire every day, and is finding the courage to take her shot.

We see you and we support the heck out of you.


Meet your newest hype girl.

Kyla created her Soul Shot after years of dreaming about what more could be done to help more girls and women change their lives through sports.

As a young girl, Kyla had trouble finding her place in this world. Through sports she’s been able to find her purpose, accept herself, and be proud of the woman she is.

Now, it’s her time to ensure girls and women reach their soul’s potential through sports and never have to doubt their place in the game.

Kyla proves that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from the power of sport as she continues living her dream of playing beer league hockey and sharing the power of sports with others.

She can’t wait to cheer you on as you take your shot in sports.


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You are exactly who you’re meant to be.
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“100% of women in sports can’t stand mansplaining” – Women everywhere, probably