Young girls shouldn’t be the only “why” behind women’s sports

While an important piece of women’s sports is ensuring the game is better off for the next generation, the power of sport extends far beyond the next generation.

This doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in young girls being able to dream. It means I see how many other demographics are impacted by the power of sport, but are often overlooked.

To those who don’t always feel seen, heard, or supported: I see you because I am you.

Here’s why young girls shouldn’t be the only “why” behind women’s sports.

When we watch women’s sports on TV, the broadcasters are quick to show and point out the young girls at the game.

When we hear professional female athletes speak, they often encourage young girls to follow their dreams.

When we see programs designed to get more participation in the game, they’re often made for young girls.

This is GREAT. But we’re overlooking an entire demographic that deserves to be behind the “why”.

What about the women who didn’t get to dream when they were young girls? What about the women who fought for more their entire lives, but never got to experience the rewards of their work? What about the women who have always believed in women’s sports and are now finally getting to see the game receive the attention it deserves? What about the women who work hard behind the scenes because they believe the game deserves more? What about the middle-aged women playing for the love of the game now because they couldn’t back then? What about the women who finally feel seen after years of struggling to belong in the game?

Yes, I love seeing the little girls in the stands with signs cheering on their heroes, knowing someday they can do it too. BUT for me, nothing beats seeing the older women in the stands who get to take it all in and finally see how far the game they fought so hard for has come.

I want to see the rec league women’s teams in the stands.

I want to see the women who learned to play a new sport in their 40s or 50s because they finally get to live out their dreams.

I want to see the women who show up simply because they love the game.

The power of sport goes so far beyond little girls getting to dream bigger (and yes, I KNOW this is still important).

So many of us were those little girls, but we didn’t get to dream in the same way; we didn’t get to see what they see; we didn’t get to belong the way they will. While you’re watching the girls who get to dream now, know that there are also women being impacted who never got to dream like this.

To these women I say:

Thank you for believing.

Thank you for leading the way.

Thank you for sacrificing.

Thank you for showing others what’s possible.

Thank you for loving the game, even when it didn’t always love you back.


“If she can see her, she can be her” also applies to the woman playing rec sports, the woman who learned to play at 40 years old, the woman who shows up because she loves the game.

Young girls deserve to dream and have opportunities in sport, but so do women of all ages and skill levels.

I’ll always include you in my “why”.

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