Micaela Zettel

Micaela Zettel
Guelph, Ontario
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Empowering females in health and sport | Owner of Instil Physio

I am a Registered Physiotherapist with a Masters in Clinical Science, Advanced HealthCare Practice for Sport and Exercise Medicine. I have my Sport Diploma with Sport Physiotherapy Canada and am a Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner. I have my own clinic, Instil Physio, and am the creator of She Moves.

I grew up playing a variety of sports, some competitively and some just for fun. Throughout my life, I’ve done horseback riding, volleyball, figure skating, rowing, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, cross country running, rugby, basketball, badminton, dance, soccer and golf. Sports were a huge part of my life, where I could connect with my friends and where I learned grit, resilience and determination that helped me through challenging times in my life. Being a part of a team and the community aspect of sports is also very important to me.

Throughout my career, it became apparent that there is a disparity of information and knowledge that serves female athletes.

I started offering free information sessions in the community, bringing the most recent information to female athletes, sports organizations and teams and I realized that there needs to be a way for girls, women and coaches to access this information beyond community lectures, so they can embed these powerful practices in their everyday training and throughout their sports season.


I’ve been studying Human Kinetics, physiology, and Sports Performance for the past 20 years and worked as a physiotherapist in a variety of settings, including with NHL players, OHL hockey teams, elite gymnastics clubs and soccer teams, stroke clinics, cardiac outpatient rehabilitation clinics, children treatment centers, amputee rehab and geriatrics. I’ve helped youth, adults, moms and seniors with physiotherapy, health and rehabilitation so they can move their bodies in ways that prevent injury and promote confidence and health.

I also studied with Julie Wiebe, a talented Physical Therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedics at the University of Michigan-Flint Physical Therapy program. Julie’s work has deeply inspired the work of She Moves and Julie and I share the same vision of helping female athletes have access to the information they need to stay active and in sports for life.

Additionally, I’m a lifelong learner who is dedicated to expanding my practice and knowledge. In 2016, I became a Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider and was trained at McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program and I am now an instructor, teaching others in the program. I’m also a Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NSCA. I recently completed a Masters of Clinical Science, Advance Health Care Practice in Sport and Exercise Medicine with the University of Western Ontario. My goal is to continue to study Sport and Exercise Medicine for female athletes and partner with educational institutions to contribute to the field of Female Sports Medicine.

In 2016 I opened my own practice, Instil Physio, focused on female athletes and have since helped elite athletes rehabilitate injuries, develop strong functional movement patterns and optimize their health, so they can participate in any sport or fitness activity they want and feel confident and healthy.

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