Kristin Swirles | Women’s Disc Golf in Edmonton, Alberta

Women's Disc Golf

Kristin Swirles is the Tournament Director for the She’s Up First Women’s Disc Golf Tournament happening in Edmonton, Alberta in May. This is herStory of getting involved in the sport of disc golf, how the tournament came to be, and how other women can get involved in the sport of Disc Golf. Can you tell […]

Lacey Conine | Changing hockey culture with Double Hockey Stix

Double Hockey Stix

Lacey Conine is changing the game by pushing the boundaries of hockey culture through the brand Double Hockey Stix, and we’re honoured to have DHS as an MVP herCommunity member. “We aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what is generally accepted as “hockey culture.” We’re edgy, loud, and we think our opinions about growing […]

Allison Bullock | Saying goodbye to ball hockey

ball hockey

I played the last game of my ball hockey career this week. As near as I can tell, because amateur sport record keeping is not fantastic, my career started in 2001. With a couple of years off for life things, I think I have played 16 years, 35 seasons and 600+ games over five leagues […]

5 ways women in sports can use Meta’s Threads

women's sports threads

Meta just launched Threads to go along their current social platforms, Facebook and Instagram. The new social platform may not be so “new” to some, though as it’s Meta’s version of Twitter. If you’re a woman in sports wondering how to use Threads for your personal brand, business, or to connect with others, here’s how […]

Female Athlete Curriculum: Health, fitness, and sport performance for women

female athlete curriculum

Hello fellow athletes! I have put together a female athlete curriculum for you to go through at your own pace and help teach you about your body based on your anatomy and physiology, in hopes to empower you in your health, fitness and sport performance. This mini course focuses on drawing attention to areas of […]

8 tips for entrepreneurs in the women’s sports space

Entrepreneur women's sports

“When I first started out in business, I wish I had someone to tell me that the way others do things isn’t the way you have to do things. I tried to find and absorb EVERY piece of information I could from “successful” people in business, but I got burnt out real fast and had […]

The 6 keys to finding and landing partnerships as women in sports

women's sports sponsorship

Women’s sports are on the rise and so is the investment in women’s sports. People and companies are (finally) realizing what we’ve always known: women in sports are valuable and a smart investment. Whether you’re an athlete at any level, running a business or league in the women’s sports space, or focused on partnerships/sponsorships for […]

Kim Merrikin | Creating a plus-size swimsuit for active women

plus size swimsuit

Our herCommunity members are the definition of “Take Your Shot” and we are so here for it! Kim Merrikin is an athlete and advocate for large-bodied athletes and we’re so proud to call her one of our herCommunity teammates! Kim just announced her new collaboration with Hakuna Swimwear: An active swimsuit designed specifically to suit […]

Mother’s Day gift guide for moms in sport

Mother's Day Sports

It’s time to celebrate the heck out moms and around here, we’re especially excited to celebrate the heck out of moms in sport! Our Mother’s Day gift guide for moms in sport features gift ideas from our herCommunity members, as well as general ideas to give your MVP mom the ultimate sports gift this year […]

5 things women in sports need to hear

women in sports need to hear

We know being a passionate woman in sports isn’t always easy but what you do and what you love is important, whether you’re in the thick of it working in sports, building a business, or playing rec league sports. As your designated hype girl, here’s some encouragement for you. 5 things women in sports need […]