5 things women in sports need to hear

We know being a passionate woman in sports isn’t always easy but what you do and what you love is important, whether you’re in the thick of it working in sports, building a business, or playing rec league sports. As your designated hype girl, here’s some encouragement for you.

5 things women in sports need to hear

1. It’s okay if you can’t always show up the same way every day

In fact, it’s nearly impossible. Be consistent in your values but remember to take care of yourself first. If you burn yourself out following your passions, you may end up resenting them. Keep the spark alive by truly taking care of yourself and your soul and give yourself permission to show up in a way that works best for you.

It doesn’t have to happen all at once – slow down. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others but what you don’t always see is their journey. You’re on your own journey – embrace the moments of it instead of zeroing in on your end goal. Sure you want to be a champion but it’s the games that get you to the championship that build you into that champion, not the final game.

2. Not everyone needs to understand your passion

Your passions are yours for a reason and only you need to understand them. You will reach the people who understand it and the people who need it. Others’ perceptions of what lights your soul on fire is none of your business because no matter what, you’re not in control of that. So do it because it lights your soul on fire.

Not everyone cheers for the same sports or teams but every sport and team has a fan base – find yours.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of having a community of people cheering you on

Find your people who make you feel like the MVP and cheer you on like it’s the championship game. The journey in sports, whatever yours looks like, can be lonely and challenging, don’t make it more so than it needs to be by going it alone.

Having trouble finding that community? Join our herCommunity for women in sports (memberships start at $0) and find other women who are lighting their souls on fire and understand the journey.

4. Stop letting fear tell you that you can’t

Just start. Sure, it’ll be scary but once you do it scared, you’ll stop fearing it and you’ll likely surprise yourself in what you’re capable of.

The more you ignore or put off your passions because of fear, the less you’ll feel aligned to who you are. The things that light your soul on fire aren’t by mistake – follow the spark and discover the fire that can start to burn.

5. Your younger self would be idolizing the shit out of you right now

Remember where you started. Remember that little girl who had a fire in her soul and the biggest dreams. Maybe she was able to follow them or maybe she was made to feel like they were impossible and not for her. She’d be so freakin’ proud of the woman taking her shot right now. Do it for her – be the woman you needed as a girl.

-Always cheering you on đź’™

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