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27: Creating safe spaces in the game and writing your own story in sports with Robyn Clarke

World, meet one of the most beautiful souls in sports!

Robyn Clarke is a current master’s student at the University of Florida who is well on her way to becoming a sports reporter and creating safe spaces within sports through diversity and inclusion work.

Robyn’s story of realizing sports are bigger than a game, overcoming barriers as a disabled person, and her journey of understanding how much she belongs in sports will light your soul on fire and help you make sports a more inclusive space for all.


“I don’t control other people’s perceptions of me. They’re going to think whatever they’re going to think. The only thing that I can control is how I enter a room. So if I enter a room and I am confident and reminding myself of everything that I do bring to the table, then that’s all that matters because then I’ve brought my best foot forward.

– Robyn Clarke

Here’s the Game Plan for episode 27 of the her Soul Shot Podcast with Robyn Clarke:

  • Robyn’s story of realizing that sports are bigger than a game, her journey to understanding how much she belongs in sports, and discovering her passion for serving the disability community
  • How sports presents both barriers and opportunities for her
  • Advice for others who are faced with barriers in sports and how she faces barriers by leaning on the people in her corner and keeping her end goal in mind
  • How GALvanize inspired Robyn to grow beyond sports print journalism (and how she met Paige!)
  • How Robyn hopes to write her story in sports to include accessibility consulting and being a light for others
  • The importance of creating inclusive and accessible spaces in sports and how you can help make the spaces you’re in more inclusive
    • Understanding that disability is individualized
    • Knowing it’s okay to ask if you don’t know because that’s the only way to learn




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