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How herCommunity helps women take their shot in sport, business, and life

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Has any of the following ever crossed your mind? I want to support the heck out of women in sports I want to start playing a sport but I don’t know where to start I wish there was somewhere I could connect with more women in sports I wish I could get my business/league/program/non-profit in […]

Mo’ney Roseman | Watch Me Work Sports

Watch me work s ports

Meet the founder of Watch Me Work Sports, Mo’ney Roseman Tell us your sports story! Mo’ney: I am Mo’ney Roseman, I am in involved in sports currently by working as an Assistant Director of Ticket Operations at the University of Florida and the business owner of Watch Me Work Sports, where I am able to […]

Ashley Mouzzon | Growing and diversifying the game with Ball Hockey Boot Camp

Ball Hockey Boot Camp

Ashley Mouzzon started Ball Hockey Boot Camp to grow and diversify the game. Whether you’re ready to take your shot and play ball hockey or start your own initiative, Ashley’s story can help you take your shot. This is herStory. MEET THE FOUNDER & DIRECTOR OF BALL HOCKEY BOOT CAMP, ASHLEY MOUZZON What is your […]

Jennifer Purcell | Staying involved in sports throughout motherhood

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My advice to mums, whether you’re new to motherhood or trying to keep it together with toddlers or teenagers, is to find that special thing that keeps you sane. Keeping hold of your identity is SO IMPORTANT, especially when for years you’ll be referred to as *insert child’s name*’s Mum while inside you’re screaming, “I’m […]

Alexandra Wray | Working in sports as a mom

mommy sports

For myself when we first found out that I was expecting, I’ll admit a lot went through my mind. Lots of emotions. I had just had one of the best years of my life both personal and professional. I felt like everything was falling into place, and then we got pregnant. I was nervous that […]

Take Your Shot Lager: A beer for women in sport

Take Your Shot Lager

Take Your Shot Lager is more than a beer. When I started my journey with her Soul Shot, I knew that I wanted to build a community for women in sports and create a space for them in places they don’t often see themselves. The craft beer space was one of these places. I’ve had […]

Anna DeVries | Paraclimbing


I’ll keep it short and sweet – I have Spina Bifida and my brace helps me walk. My left leg, I can’t feel, I don’t have any circulation from my knee down. So, my left brace helps me prop it and it’ll help me move throughout the day. The right one, the brace just gives […]

Nicola Small | Creating RYP Naturals

RYP Naturals

When Nicola Small graduated from UNB and completed her fifth year on the women’s soccer team, she felt like she lost her identity. Starting RYP Naturals with her sister helped her re-define identity and find herself again. This is herStory. MEET NICOLA SMALL, CO-FOUNDER OF RYP NATURALS Identity: “the fact of being who or what […]

Danika Williams | Finding a home in lacrosse

amputee lacrosse

My name is Danika Williams and I am a double amputee! I play lacrosse, drag race, and also played basketball in middle school. I have been around sports my whole life. I have always liked basketball and I played in middle school. It was hard on me because of all the running. I have been […]

15: Pelvic health for youth female athletes with Larissa Tutert

youth athlete pelvic health

Painful periods, irregular periods, and urinary incontinence (among other things) are common issues for many women, but they aren’t normal. Larissa Tutert is back to talk about pelvic health – this time for youth female athletes. Though the subject is often taboo, especially for young girls, Larissa takes us through the importance of pelvic health […]