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herCommunity women in sports

herCommunity Roster | November 2022

Meet the women in sports who joined herCommunity’s inaugural roster during our first month! Want to join these women in our new herCommunity for women

student-athlete advice

5 pieces of advice for student-athletes

Being a student-athlete can be tiring and demanding but rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. It teaches life values that can be carried into

women's sports myths

5 myths about women in sport to break

Women in sport have already taken 2022 for their own, and it’s only been two months. Are we surprised? Absolutely not. Women in sport have

take your shot in sports

4 ways to take your shot in sports

There are so many powerful ways to live your soul’s truth through sport. Whether you are new to sports or a long-time participant, you and

girls in sports

Five lessons for girls in sports

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase “Be the woman you needed as a girl”. It’s made me reflect back on my own



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