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18: From failure to being one of the best in the game with sports chiropractor Dr Mecca Fayad

While attending her small-town Alberta high school, Mecca Fayad felt like she could do anything: she had dreams of broadway and The Food Network but knew she would get an education in the healthcare field. She moved away from home and decided to study to be a dentist… and her life was turned upside down when she got to university.

This is Dr Mecca Fayad’s story of failure, resilience, pivoting, and succeeding as a powerhouse in her field of sports chiropractic, which is largely male prevalent.


There is very little we didn’t talk about in this episode and it’s packed full of value for those interested in a career in sports, interested in the world of sports chiropractic, looking for some tips to keep your body healthy, need some motivation as a woman in sports or anything in between, this episode has you covered!

Sports Chiropractor Mecca Fayad

Here’s what’s covered in episode 18 of the her Soul Shot Podcast:

  • How she learned the value of hard work while working at her family’s business at 9 years old
  • How to take a dream from an idea to fulfillment
  • Moving to university and experiencing failure for the first time
  • How failure turned her career path into a success + how fine arts dreams on broadway and the Food Network turned to a chiropractic career
  • How she fell in love with sports in California
  • The proactive side of healthcare and how athletes can benefit from seeing a chiropractor
  • How to find the right chiropractor for you
  • Being one of the very few females in the industry of sports chiropractic
  • Advice for girls and women wanting to be chiropractors 
  • Creating a personal brand that shows all aspects of herself and how it’s levelled up her business
  • What athletes can do to ensure their bodies are the best they can be
  • Tips for people in all careers to ensure you don’t lose your passion



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