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11: High school, rinks, & business meetings: How 16-year-old Alero Eribo is changing the hockey world with Hockey Girlz

Do you remember what you were doing at 16? We’ll bet it wasn’t going to high school, learning to play hockey, and starting your own business. But that’s what Alero Eribo is doing!

In 2018, at 14 years old, Alero and her family moved to Canada from Nigeria. Not having played any sports in her life, she was assigned a school project in sports, discovered hockey, and promptly spent her weekly allowance on skate rentals to hit the ice and learn to play hockey every day after school.

Hockey Girlz
Alero bringing her Nigerian & hockey history together wearing traditional clothes of her mother’s tribe, Yoruba

Trying to find resources and not being able to find any training or coaching for or by girls and women, Alero decided to do something about it and created Hockey Girlz to fill this gap. Now, she’s empowering other girls and women, especially other Black and BIPOC girls, to take up hockey.

She’s also teaming up with Hockey 4 Youth to make hockey more accessible and to ensure other girls can get into hockey after seeing first-hand how hard it is to access the game.

Alero shares her incredible story of falling in love with hockey, founding her own business, and gives tangible advice for other to not just say hockey is for everyone, but to create a world where hockey is in fact for everyone.

This 16-year-old powerhouse will blow your mind with her passion, maturity, and drive to make the hockey world and beyond a better, more welcoming space.