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Career Coach for Women In Sports & Entertainment

Hi, I’m Jahaan…

15-year Front Office employee turned Career Coach & Fan Experience Consultant.

During my time working for the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs, my favorite part of my role was helping others level up their career.

That’s exactly why we are here.

I’m here to empower you with what I’ve learned in the Major Leagues.

I help high-achieving women in sports and entertainment who feel stuck, frustrated, and defeated find their voice and tackle whatever is keeping them from getting exactly what they want out of
their careers.

For years, I KNEW that what would help me move my career forward was an amazing coach.

I had excellent mentors whose insight I value to this day. Those mentors also had full-time jobs and couldn’t field my every SOS!

I thought an executive coach might be able to help, but they are wildly expensive AND they lacked the insider insight I was craving that can truly help you get ahead in the sports and entertainment industry.

The organizations I served weren’t going to pay for a coach for a mid-level executive. So I was stuck. I had mentors who were supportive and knowledgeable. But they had their jobs. It was then that I realized I needed the combination of a coach and a mentor with inside knowledge of the sports industry. It’s what inspired me to become for you what I didn’t have when I was striving to move forward in my sports career.

If you’re…

  • Tired of waiting on the sidelines
  • Done being overlooked for promotions
  • Beyond frustrated seeing other people move quickly through the ranks
  • Ready to pull ahead of the pack and take your career to the next level
  • Feeling defeated because your boss doesn’t understand or value how much work it actually takes to do your job well
  • Finding that your morale has taken a dive because you are overloaded with more work than your job description but it’s not reflected in your current title and compensation


Then we can work together to…

  • Help you find your voice so you can navigate difficult discussions with ease and confidence
  • Help you advocate for yourself to get the new title and compensation you deserve
  • Help you easily influence others to align with your new ideas
  • Propel you into the career you’ve always dreamed of having
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your space
  • Get a seat at the table and feel prepared to contribute in a meaningful and valuable way
  • Effectively lead and manage a team that produces results


I understand where you are…

I am proud and grateful for the opportunities I had to serve MLB. But, let’s be real, it wasn’t always a smooth ride.

I had to learn how to advocate for myself, articulate my value, navigate internal politics, battle self-doubt, and lead large teams all while being my authentic self.

I realized early in my career that if I didn’t speak up I was going to get left behind.

I was an introvert so it was super outside my comfort zone.

But that began to change for me when I was working at the Boston Red Sox. I was a part-time employee and advocated for myself to become full-time in a department that didn’t have any full-time positions. They created the position for me and that’s how I got my first full-time job in baseball. It took sacrifice, no health insurance, consistently showing up and asking for what I wanted, and persistence.

As a result, I know what you need to do to get a seat at the table, stand out among your peers, and become a recognized industry leader.

I started my business to pass on what I’ve learned to high-achieving women like you who have big dreams of not only working in the sports industry but shattering glass ceilings and taking a seat at the table.

Yes, when you work with me, you will achieve peak performance and level up your career. But the real value is that you will feel that you’re living your purpose, decrease your stress, regain your sanity, and feel like you are achieving your career goals without sacrificing your personal life.

Let’s chat about how you can move from frustrated to fulfilled.


15 years working in the MLB for the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs.

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