In Her Voice

7: Sports dreams, cancer, & empowerment: Finding strength in vulnerability with Katie Caldwell

At 26 years old, Katie Caldwell took a (scary) leap of faith and started university across the country from her family to follow her dream of working in sports.

Immersed in university and internships, her world was rocked when she was diagnosed with cancer at 28 years old.

In this must-listen episode, Katie shares her journey of hitting rock bottom and building herself back up into the woman she is today.

Katie shares incredible insight and advice on vulnerability, asking for help, taking care of your mental health, re-defining yourself, sharing your voice online, finding your community, how more women in sports can empower each other and so much more.

This episode gave us chills, tears, and plenty of laughs. Katie is a woman we all need in our corner, and lucky for you, she’s in yours—tune in to be inspired and empowered to live the best life you can.

Oh, and here’s Katie’s dog, Carl, the MVP of the episode.