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*IMPORTANT: When completing your order, please add the name of the brand/business/organization/league/etc. that the roster spot is for in the order comments!

Your herCommunity roster spot gives you 24/7 exposure to the women’s sports community for your business, organization, or personal brand.


A FREE roster spot gets you unlimited access to:

  • Unlimited directory listings on our public community board
  • Unlimited posts on our public opportunities board (jobs, sponsors, volunteering)
  • Unlimited posts on our public events board


An MVP roster spot gets you unlimited access to all of the above, PLUS:

  • Additional promotion on our website, social media, and email newsletter
  • An interview feature on the website
  • Your listing featured around her Soul Shot’s website
  • No ads on your listing or opportunity/event posts
  • A thank you package in the mail


Once the order is processed, you’ll get an automatic email with a link to our “Game Plan” with more information on how to submit your listing(s) and posts!

Individuals must be 18+ and identify as a woman. Businesses must offer products/services for women in sport or have at least one owner who identifies as a woman who is currently or has been involved in sports

Are you a fine wine? Then age is of no importance.
You are exactly who you’re meant to be.
Be brave enough to suck at something new.
“100% of women in sports can’t stand mansplaining” – Women everywhere, probably