We’ve got a special Women’s Sports Love List this month to celebrate Black History Month and some of the most incredible Black women in sports!

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite organizations, products, and businesses run by badass Black women in sports.

We know this isn’t anywhere near an exhaustive list of the incredible women making waves in the sports world, but these are our current favs. If you have a suggestion or want to get featured, tell us more here!

Black women sports business bhm

Instructions: Support the heck out of the following women.

That’s it, that’s all.


The Black Sportswoman

Black women sports business bhm

The Black Sportswoman is run by journalist Bria Felicien and provides profiles, resources, and interviews and more centering Black women in sports and amplifying their incredible contributions to sports.

You can read content on the website here or subscribe to the newsletter here.

You can support The Black Sportswoman by becoming a paid member here or make a donation through their PayPal here.

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Black Women in Sport

Black women sports business bhm

Black Women in Sport is a community dedicated to the “development and advancement of Black women professionals in all areas of the sports industry nationally and internationally” founded by Cara Wright Holdsclaw, PhD.

If you’re a Black woman in sports looking to connect with other Black women professionals, this is the community for you!

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Black Girl Hockey Club

Black women sports business bhm

Black Girl Hockey Club is literally changing the game. Dedicated to creating a space for Black women in hockey, Founder Renee Hess and the team at BGHC is making hockey more inclusive for Black women. BGHC is doing incredible work offering scholarships to young Black women to get them more involved in hockey and are working hard to educate the hockey community on how to truly make hockey for everyone.

Donate to BGHC here.

Purchase their merch here.

Take the Get Uncomfortable Campaign here.

Listen to BGHC on the her Soul Shot Podcast here.

All February profits from our I Belong in Sports stickers and masks will be donated to BGHC. Shop them here.

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Black Women in Sport Foundation

Black women sports business bhm

Black Women in Sport Foundation (BWSF) is nonprofit organization in Philadelphia that is working to make sure more Black women and girls are involved in sports in all capacities, including playing, coaching, and administration.

BWSF offers various events and programs for Black women in sport of all ages and areas of sport.

Donate to BWSF here.



GladiatHers® Tribe

Black women sports business bhm

We know we featured the GladiatHers® Tribe in our last Love List but we’ve got a lot of love for them!

If you want to connect with other women in sports, learn from the best in the business, and level up your game to secure the sports career you’ve always dreamed of, the GladiatHers® Tribe is for you!

We’re fortunate enough to be a part of the GladiatHers® Tribe, created by GladiatHers® Founder, Cecelia Townes, and encourage any woman in sports looking to take her career game to the next level to join!

Join the GladiatHers® Tribe (or get more deets on the incredible perks) here.



Black women sports business bhm

Founded by Ainka Jess, She’s4Sports is Ainka’s answer to seeing that women in sports weren’t getting the recognition they deserved.

Founded in 2016, She’s4Sports is a community and platform that amplifies the voices and contributions of women in sports with features, events, social media support and more.

Thanks to She’s4Sports, she can see herself in sports.

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Jahaan Blake

Black women sports business bhm

Yep, we’re also featuring this powerhouse woman again!

After 15 years working in the MLB, Jahaan Blake is now helping “high achieving women level up their career in the sports industry”. Jahaan offers incredible private and group coaching for women ready to hit their careers out of the park (see what we did there?).

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Jahaan on the her Soul Shot Podcast (episode coming SOON) and WOW! We are blown away by her incredible knowledge, experience, and mission to help other women in sports. The world needs like 5 million Jahaans!

She also hosts the Game of Her Own Podcast where she shares inspiration, advice, and interviews women at the top of their game in the sports industry. Listen here: https://jahaanblake.com/podcast/


Hockey Girlz

Black women sports business bhm

16-year-old Alero Eribo is who we want to be when we grow up! At 14 years old, Alero and her family moved from Nigeria to Canada where she’s now playing hockey, running Hockey Girlz and going to high school—AT 16!

Hockey Girlz is an organization to empower girls in hockey and to provide resources and education specifically for girls and women in hockey.

Listen to Alero share her story on the her Soul Shot Podcast here!



Not A Fan Store

Black women sports business bhm

Not a Fan Store features art created by Jo, who is also the designer and woman behind Black Girl Hockey Club’s new logos and merch designs.

You can shop various stickers and art prints with meaning and that celebrate women’s sports from this incredibly talented artist and also hire her for commissions!


Chic Sports

Black women sports business bhm

Chic Sports is an apparel company celebrating women who love sports.

Grab your new game day tee and show the world that women love sports too.


Jas It Up

Black women sports business bhm

Created by professional soccer player, Jasmyne Spencer, in 2016, Jas It Up is a sustainable lifestyle brand challenging the fashion industry’s current standards.

You’re going to want to get your hands on these fire apparel pieces and accessories!


Play Like A Girl Apparel

Black women sports business bhm

Play Like A Girl Apparel is not just a brand but a movement for women in sports.

Founder, Kelli created it for the women in sports who were told they were too much. You’ll find everything you need as a woman in sports—from apparel, to jewelry, to tumblers, and more!

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Top2 Not2

Black women sports business bhm

Top2 Not2 is an apparel company founded by Minyon Moore, a former DI basketball player.

The apparel inspires people to be their #1 (being top 2 but not 2 is #1) and serves as a reminder to be the best version of yourself—we are here for it!



Blake Bolden

Black women sports business bhm
Image: Verbero Hockey

If you’re not already following Blake Bolden, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING?

Blake Bolden has broken many barriers in hockey as both a player and now a scout with the LA Kings, including many firsts for Black women but her determination and work to make sure she’s not the last is nothing short of incredible.

With one of the hardest shots in hockey, Blake Bolden added another first when she became the first women’s hockey player to have her own stick deal compliments of Verbero Hockey (check them out here). Now, little girls can now dream of being their idol on the ice as they take slapshots with their very own Blake Bolden stick.

You’re gonna wanna keep an eye on Bolden as she continues inspiring girls and women to be bold.


Arielle (Ari) Chambers

Black women sports business bhm
Image: Twitter (@ariivory)

If you’ve heard the words “The WNBA is so important”, you’ve heard of Arielle Chambers. This woman is an absolute powerhouse, creating a world where women and girls can see and achieve their potential.

Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in the 2021 Sports category, Ari is using her talents in the multi-media and online space to advocate for women and we are endlessly inspired by her.

Ari is the woman behind HighlightHER, a platform allowing women and girls to see it, and be it. HighlightHER recently reached 100k followers on Instagram, and if you’re not one of those 100k, GET ON IT.

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Pepper Persley

Black women sports business bhm
Image: Instagram (@dishwithpepper)

Pepper Persley is NINE YEARS OLD and our favourite sports journalist (sorry, everyone else).

Pepper has her own show, Dish With Pepper and her own podcast, She Got Next where she covers women’s basketball and does a bajillion other events and panels with the top names in women’s sports to amplify and support women in sports.

At nine years old, she’s already taking over the women’s sports world and using her voice to better the world. The future is incredibly bright for Pepper Persley and we can’t wait to see where she goes.

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Saroya Tinker

Black women sports business bhm
Image: Twitter (@saroyatinker71)

Saroya Tinker grew up feeling like the game she loved wasn’t for her. Now, she’s changing the world so other Black girls who step on the ice know hockey is for them.

A former Yale Bulldog and current member of the Metropolitan Riveters, Saroya Tinker is using her voice to encourage others to get uncomfortable and have the conversations to end discrimination in hockey and beyond, providing mentorship to girls and women, and teaming up with Black Girl Hockey Club to make hockey a better and safer place for everyone.

Read her recent Players’ Tribune article here.

Listen to Saroya and BGHC Founder, Renee Hess discuss race and hockey here.

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