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Women's Pro Football Sponsorship

Seeking sponsorship for 2023 season with Philly Phantomz in the WNFC

Amanda Littorin

I’m a professional football player from Sweden and I’m about to take a new step in my career, moving to the USA to play for the Philly Phantomz in the Women’s National Football Conference.

I’m looking for sponsors that can help me get through the 2023 season as an import player. It can, for example, be financing sponsoring or equipment.

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My football career:

Back in 2014 I attended my first practice in Sweden and in 2015 I joined my first team. Four years later, I won my first national title with Carlstad Crusaders as starter on defense.

Each year between 2019-2022 we stayed national champions. In 2022, just after finishing the season in Sweden, I accepted an offer from the Turku Trojans in Finland where, we won the Finnish National Championship in September 2022. I was also drafted to join the Swedish National Team as a starting defensive line and was apart of the national team competing in the World Cup 2022.

I’m in love with football and that’s why I like to show my passion in various ways. So outside of being a player I also coach and study sport and coaching at university.

For now I’ve been drafted by the Philly Phantomz to play at the highest level a woman can expect in this sport. That is a great opportunity for me and I’d like to bring a company or several on board, as a partner on this journey.

Other Details

If interested in sponsoring me, please email me: