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Levelling the playing field

We love to see it!

From The Gist’s website:

“The GIST is a sports media startup that creates sports content, experiences and community that are by women, and for all sports fans. For the last two years, The GIST has shaken up the male-dominated sports media space by creating an inclusive and accessible community for all sports fans through our irreverent, fun and female voice.

As a community-driven female-led startup, we’ve changed the way sports content and story-telling speaks to underserved sports fans, welcoming all types of fans into the sports conversation.

We’re challenging the status quo of the male-dominated sports industry — no really, less than 14% of sports journalists are female, less than 4% of sports media coverage is on female athletes, and less than 2% of c-suite executives in major league sports are women — by being that witty, sports-obsessed girlfriend you turn to to help keep you in the know.

But we haven’t done it without help. The GIST has been incubated and accelerated by global brands like Facebook, MLSE, Comcast NBCU and Techstars and our founding team was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in media list for 2020.

So, join our community and level the playing field with us, won’t you?”

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