1. Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance

Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance

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Mission Statement:

NOWSA expands awareness for community-based sports in northeast Ohio, while offering supportive services for individual female athletes, as well as women’s sports teams, their coaches and staff.


Our hope is that every person, especially girls and women, who wants to integrate sport into their life has information, access, and support to do so.

Core Values:

We believe…

    • Sport can be a platform of hope, strength, and togetherness that can be powerful for personal growth and development.

    • In advocating for the whole athlete and promoting integrative health and wellness.

    • Sport can be an avenue to empower people and communities.

    • In the power of collaboration and the shared experience for women in sport.

    • Athletes can be influential, positive leaders in society.

    • In diversity, equity and inclusion in sport.

Who we serve:

Transitions in sport are inevitable- whether expected or unexpected. Aging out of a program, injury, pregnancy, and financial challenges are just a few circumstances female athletes may face which impact their ability to stay in a sport.

The Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance works with individuals and teams to help ease the transitions between the stages in the Lifecycle of an Athlete. We strive to empower girls and women to pursue the route of their choosing and to give them the tools to achieve it.

Here are just some of the ways we can support you:

  • Assist an athlete in finding a team after high school or college

  • Provide mental health support or referrals

  • Offer trainings to team staff and coaches

  • Bring awareness to volunteer and coaching opportunities in community-based sports

The Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3).