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Lady-thletes Novel

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Supporting girls in sports to continue their sports journey.

Lady-thletes: (some of) The trials and tribulations of female athletes.

Sports help young women bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood. Challenges faced and lessons learned help teenagers adjust to similar scenarios that they are (almost) guaranteed to face as an adult. As a teenager playing sports, I had challenges that came up that I would learn to work through. But, I did not always have the tools to be able to successfully overcome the challenge. I am sharing the five lessons learned in sports growing up and provide the necessary tools for female athletes to be able to work through the problem and get to the other side on top. As you absorb the lessons, and learn the tools provided you should be able to become a stronger, wiser, more empowered female athlete.

It is currently available on Amazon.com as a paperback or Kindle.

By purchasing this book you are supporting the mission of helping girls pursue their sports journeys regardless of the challenges that they might face!