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Female Sports Medicine

Micaela Zettel started her own physiotherapy practice for girls and women in sports to educate, empower, and help them play sports at all levels and all ages.

Here’s more details on Micaela’s approach and how to connect with her:

“At Instil Physio, we offer physiotherapy and education tailored to the female athlete and we call this Female Sports Medicine.  To us, an athlete is anyone who uses their body for movement or sport. So yes, that’s you! Females have unique needs and physiology, which must be understood and incorporated into their training and rehabilitation. We aim to teach female athletes of all ages and stages about their bodies and how to recover from injury, reducing the impact of these injuries. We also encourage performance care, which is a great way to minimize injury risk and optimize your movement for sport and life. We believe that by arming athletes with the tools and knowledge to understand and work with their bodies, that we can help them to reach their full potential, whatever that means to them.

Our ultimate goal is to advance females in sport and create lifelong athletic participation. Knowing our work is only one piece of this, our role is to provide updated information, training and rehabilitation for female athletes so that they can reach their full athletic potential at any stage of their life. We strive for excellence in our practice and have created an environment to support and empower you in your health and sport performance goals.

Mission:  Empowering females in their health and sport performance through physiotherapy and education. 

Vision:  Accessible knowledge | Innovative approach | Empowered community”

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