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25: Riding the unstoppable power of sport and passion with mountain biker, BMXer, and coach Jennifer Purcell

Jennifer Purcell is proof that you don’t have to consider yourself “sporty”, be a certain gender or age, or meet a certain level of athleticism for sport to impact your life in great ways.

Taking up biking in her 20s, Jennifer quickly fell in love with the sport. She takes us through her journey to becoming a biker and coach, getting other women involved, being a better mom through biking, overcoming a traumatic accident, and the immense power of sport at all levels.

This episode will make your heart and soul so freakin’ happy – we’re still smiling!


I think it’s important for the kids to see me going out and doing the sport that I love… making time for myself makes me a better mom and it’s important for them to see that role model.

– Jennifer Purcell

Here’s what we cover in episode 25 of the her Soul Shot Podcast with Jennifer Purcell:

  • How Jennifer got into biking in her 20s after not having been involved in sports for most of her life and proving that you can change who you are at any age
  • Her role as a mountain biking and BMX coach for kids and women
  • The impact of coaching women and seeing women in their 50s pick up a BMX or mountain bike for the first time
  • How biking helped her find herself again when she became a mom and her advice to other women in motherhood
  • Why it’s important to show kids that sports are more than just striving to be the best
  • Her journey through a traumatic bike injury and what it taught her about herself and biking
  • The importance of sport at any level and the community that comes with sport



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