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19: Reaching Olympic dreams away from the play: The business side of women’s sports with Katrina Galas

What hasn’t Katrina Galas done?! Using the skills and lessons she learned from being a multi-sport athlete in her youth, Katrina studied and played hockey at Queens University before entering the business world of sports for companies like Nike, Molson Canadian, the CWHL’s Toronto Furies and the Olympics.

Katrina shares her story of realizing that her sports dreams didn’t have to be in just playing the game, how her curiosity fuels her knowledge, and how businesses and supporters can truly invest in and amplify women’s sports.


We covered A LOT in this episode and we could’ve kept talking to Katrina and listening to her incredible experiences, stories, and wisdom for hours (a part 2 may be necessary!).

Whether you’re interested in how you can better support women’s sports as a business or a fan or looking to pivot from playing the game to being involved in the business side, this episode is a must-listen!

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Leah Hextall, Katrina Galas, & Sami Jo Small at a CWHL game

Here’s what we cover in episode 19 of the her Soul Shot Podcast with Katrina Galas:

  • herStory of playing every sport possible growing up, to college hockey, to pivoting into the business world and turning her Olympic hockey dreams into the business side—there’s a path for everyone in sports.
  • How your sports journey can be a choose your own adventure as you pivot to find a place in the game that works best for you
  • How to use the skills you’ve learned in sports to further your career 
  • How going to the Olympics helped her see the value in the business side of sports for the athletes and how she landed in the space of solving the business problem of women’s sports (and how you can, too!)
  • Her role with the Toronto Furies in the CWHL and building access for fans to see the game
  • Tangible things we can do and say to refute the narrative that women’s sports aren’t valuable
  • How organizations can move away from just helping women’s sports and truly invest and value them to make progress happen
  • Her business, In Common Consulting and where her current focus is
  • How both businesses and supporters of women’s sports can move the game forward by holistically investing in women’s sports and getting away from defending women’s sports and just sharing their value
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