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17: Are your dreams coming at a cost? How to navigate hustle culture & burnout as women in sports

Working hard is important, sure, but do you know where the line is between hard work and falling into the hustle culture mentality and eventually burning out? As women in sports, we work harder to prove ourselves in an industry that wasn’t exactly made for us, but ensuring that our dreams don’t come at the cost of ourselves is crucial.

In episode 17 of the her Soul Shot Podcast Kyla shares her experience with hustle culture and burnout, and shares advice on reaching your dreams while still taking care of your what’s most important: your health.


A while back, we shared an article on how to avoid hustle culture and reach your dreams and it was one of our most popular articles, which made us realize more people than we even know are struggling with this, especially after this year.

Like Kyla, you may be experiencing burnout and falling into hustle culture and the pressures of “making it” without even knowing it. Whether you think these things affect you or not, we encourage you to listen to this episode and check in with yourself!

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Bosses that put business over people
  • Deciding what success looks like for you
  • Not all advice is good advice for you
  • Checking in with yourself, like REALLY checking in with yourself
  • Be careful how much you take from your mentors
  • How to be successful without hustling
  • Asking for help
  • Putting yourself and your health first
  • How to know if your dreams are asking too much of you before you end up resenting them



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