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16: Understanding her body: Empowering female athletes of all ages and skill levels with Micaela Zettel

What does your menstrual cycle, lifting laundry detergent bottles (or your dog), and physiotherapy all have in common?

Physiotherapist and owner of Instil Physio, Micaela Zettel is letting you in on the secret of how they can all help you better understand your body and ensure you can successfully play sports at any level and any age.

What Micaela shares in this episode is a game changer for women in sports (and we’ve got an exciting announcement coming soon that was born in this very episode!).


Female Athlete Body

Whether you identify as an athlete or not, every single woman needs to listen to this episode!

Micaela Zettel shares how she’s closing the gap in female sports medicine by helping all women see their athleticism and showing female athletes of all ages and skill levels how to work with their bodies to achieve more than they thought possible.

From tracking and understanding your menstrual cycle, competing in sports at any age, to taking control of your body and returning to sports after having children, Micaela will make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world.

Female Athlete Body

We cover how female athletes can better understand their bodies and SO MUCH MORE:

  • How Micaela’s passion for sports started and developed
  • Why she chose physiotherapy and opening her own practice
  • Why all women and girls can and should be athletes and why they all deserve the treatment and help to continue in sports no matter what level they play at
  • Empowering and helping women return to activity after having children (yes, it’s VERY possible)
  • The reasons many women don’t play or return to sport and how we can change this by giving them correct information
  • How other girls and women can marry their passion for sports with their careers to create solutions for women
  • How women can proactively take care of their bodies
  • Why women need to track their menstrual cycle and how it can change the game for their training and sports
  • How your menstrual cycle can explain your “off” games and days and why they’re okay to have
  • How coaches and those involved in women’s sports can change their programs to be for female athletes
  • How women who are playing rec sports can take care of their bodies
  • Why getting older doesn’t mean your body should hurt or be weaker

Plus, we’ve got a sneak peak in this episode of an exciting announcement coming soon that will help all women understand her body.


Female Athlete Body



female athlete body