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10: From foster care to fostering self love through hockey and a career in the trades with Keeley Prockiw

Keeley Prockiw is one of only 120 women in the world who do the career she does: rope access, a trade that’s helped her build confidence in her hockey career and in life. Now, she’s empowering other girls and women to explore careers in trades, benefit from sports, and define their own stories.

Keeley Prockiw Hockey Trades
Keeley in her career doing rope access

herStory – Keeley Prockiw

A 2020 recipient of WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, Keeley joins us to share her story of overcoming a young life where she struggled to find her path before uncovering the courage to define her own story. Keeley discusses her history of being in foster care, finding the courage to leave an abusive relationship, making ends meet as a single mother, and discovering her place in the LGBTQ+ community.

The parallels between hockey and working in the trades and the role they both played in helping her gain insight and develop confidence in who she is are key in helping her to continue to write her own story, and inspiring her daughter to write her own as well.

Keeley Prockiw Hockey Trades
Keeley and her daughter, Meghan

Keeley largely credits her career and the confidence it’s given her to believe in herself as the reason she was able to play multiple ball hockey Masters tournaments with Team Canada, one of which was on the beautiful shores of Bermuda.

Keeley Prockiw Hockey Trades
Keeley celebrating the ISBHF World Masters Championship with Team Canada in Bermuda


Keeley is proof that you can start writing your own story the way you want, no matter what’s happened in the chapters before. Tune in to be inspired by an incredible woman who learned how powerful and capable she is through sports and a career many women aren’t even aware is possible for them.