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Take Your Shot Lager: A beer for women in sport

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Take Your Shot Lager is more than a beer.

When I started my journey with her Soul Shot, I knew that I wanted to build a community for women in sports and create a space for them in places they don’t often see themselves.

The craft beer space was one of these places. I’ve had many post-game beers, watched many sports games at bars and breweries, and stocked up on beers at the liquor store to watch the big game, and sometimes I’d be able to find sports-themed beer, but none of them were ever created for women in sports, so I decided to do something about it.

Cue Take Your Shot Lager: A beer brewed for women in sports.

Take Your Shot Lager Beer
Photo: Milo Knauer

Pictured above: Five badass women in sport on a beer can (and four other incredible women who couldn’t be there but are just as important pieces of the story).

Not pictured: The immediate connection between women (most of who had never met before).

The respect, admiration, and awe for each other’s passions and stories.

The beautiful feeling of seeing women who are competitive by nature lift each other up and understand that our success is her success.

The feeling of belonging.

This is why Take Your Shot Lager exists.

Beer fills your tummy and women in sport fill your soul up.

Beer brings people together and women in sport allow each other to be seen, heard, and valued when they’re together.

Beer is great for celebrations and women in sport deserve to be celebrated.

Beer and the atmosphere it’s generally consumed in isn’t often seen as a space for women in sport. Take Your Shot Lager changes this.

I hope that if you drink this beer, you’ll take a moment to celebrate yourself, the incredible women in your life, and women in sport around the world who are forging their own paths, changing the world, and making an impact in this world simply by being themselves.

Take Your Shot Lager isn’t just a beer, it’s a statement, a message of support, a community, an avenue to bring women in sport and those who support us together, and a way to show women how much they belong in sport.

The label has 9 incredible women on it who I admire and cherish, but I hope that you see yourself on this label, too.

It’s for you.

We may play different sports, have different jobs and roles within sport, live in different provinces and countries, and have our own unique stories, but we’re are a community of beautiful individuality with common threads bringing us together.

You belong here ❤

This is just the beginning of the spaces that I hope our community can continue claiming space in – we’ll keep taking our shot and encourage you to do the same.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events and ways to celebrate each other over beers (and for more beers hopefully coming your way soon if you’re not in Alberta) 🍻


Take Your Shot Lager Beer

You can grab Take Your Shot Lager at Arcadia Brewing Co. or liquor stores in Alberta (and if you don’t see it at your fav liquor store in Alberta, you can ask them to bring it in!).

$1 from every 4-pack comes back to her Soul Shot to help continue supporting women in sports!


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