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Take Your Shot | Shannon Szabados

What do you get when you combine craft beer and women in sports?

Take Your Shot Lager.

Brewed for women in sports by our friends at Arcadia Brewing Co., Take Your Shot Lager is made to crush with your teammates, after work, and while you’re watching your fav sports.

Made in her Soul Shot’s home of Edmonton, Alberta, Take Your Shot Lager features 9 women in sports from Edmonton who have taken their shot in sports and continue to inspire others on the daily.

Shannon Szabados is one of them.

Women's Sports Beer
How are you involved in sports?

SHANNON: I was fortunate enough to play every sport imaginable growing up thanks to my parents. Baseball & hockey were my two loves and I was able to end up making a living playing the latter. I continue to play, coach and give back anyway I can to the sports that gave me so much.

How did your love for sports start and continue to where you are today?

SHANNON: Growing up in Edmonton our family were big Oilers fans, my love expanded from watching the game to playing at the age of five. As the competitor in me grew, I developed a love for challenging myself in all different sports

What’s the greatest lesson(s) you’ve learned through sports?

SHANNON: Self confidence and independence. I used to be extremely shy but playing on a team while navigating the trials and tribulations of sport has made me a stronger person and one that is fully confident to take on the world in any aspect of life.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to other girls and women in sports?

SHANNON: The world is waiting for new paths to be created and ceilings to be shattered.

What do you want those who drink this beer to know about women in sports?

SHANNON: Women in sport inspire generations of young boys & girls who will one day create an equal platform for athletes of all levels to thrive




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