Take Your Shot | Lanie Bishop

What do you get when you combine craft beer and women in sports?

Take Your Shot Lager.

Brewed for women in sports by our friends at Arcadia Brewing Co., Take Your Shot Lager will be available to crush with your teammates, after work, and while you’re watching your fav sports very soon.

Made in her Soul Shot’s home of Edmonton, Alberta, Take Your Shot Lager features 9 women in sports from Edmonton who have taken their shot in sports and continue to inspire others on the daily.

Lanie Bishop is one of them.

How are you involved in sports?

LANIE: I am currently a National level powerlifter and National Referee with the Canadian Powerlifting Union. In addition, I’m an avid volunteer, and you can catch me loading plates or spotting lifters at meets.

I am also an amateur pole dancer and board member of the Central Edmonton Aerial Performing Arts Club (CEAPAC).

How did your love for sports start and continue to where you are today?

LANIE: I wasn’t always an athletic kid until I started getting opportunities to explore sports. I fell in love with volleyball, curling, basketball, and track and field (long distance running and shot put). I volunteered in these sports where I could, but I could never really be on a team because of my music and school commitments! 

I kept working out throughout university but I missed the competitive/community side of sports, so when I moved to Edmonton I started considering how I could get back into anything athletic. I got introduced to powerlifting and was immediately hooked, and pole followed after! I realized that I was more strong and flexible than I gave myself credit for.

As I advanced in powerlifting and got to my first nationals, I wanted to give back to the sport and decided to volunteer. This led to me becoming a provincial referee, and just recently I took and passed my national exam. 

What’s the greatest lesson(s) you’ve learned through sports?

LANIE: I’ve learned two big lessons:

  1. Always prioritize yourself in sport. So many people focus on winning big, or setting records, but none of that is really worth it if you aren’t enjoying it for you. 
  2. Listen to your body. There’s nothing worse than ignoring signs you need to ease off training/fuel yourself better and getting hurt because of it.
What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to other girls and women in sports?

LANIE: Ignore anyone trying to put you down or tell you can’t do something. People like to be mean or put others down out of jealousy or ego or their own self doubt. It’s not worth listening to that— it’s mind poison! You can accomplish whatever you want to.

(Also: don’t read the comment section.)

What do you want those who drink this beer to know about women in sports?

LANIE: Women in sports constantly break the mold and stereotypes that society creates for us. In and out of sport, women athletes are accomplishing incredible things. We should celebrate that more!


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