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Meet the founder of Watch Me Work Sports, Mo’ney Roseman

Tell us your sports story!

Mo’ney: I am Mo’ney Roseman, I am in involved in sports currently by working as an Assistant Director of Ticket Operations at the University of Florida and the business owner of Watch Me Work Sports, where I am able to help the underexposed athletes in smaller cities gain exposure to assist with recruiting, as well as enlighten them on the after life of high school/college sports and how to stay involved.

I first fell in love with sports when I was about five or six—I dreamt of being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. I would watch it on CMT and imitate the girls and then I would watch the cheer competitions held in Orlando.

I began gymnastics and competitive cheer at the age of seven and continued cheer until senior year of high school. I began playing softball my sophomore year of high school.

In 2006 I went to my first big college football game at Auburn University where my brother received a scholarship to play and I fell in love with football in that moment.

Around Sophomore year of college I was lost and did not know exactly what I wanted to do and had a conversation with my mother about the future. She mentioned how much I love sports and to try something out in that field, such as commentating or reporting. My journey began at that moment.

As of today, my love for all games has allowed me to work with the University of South Florida football recruiting program, be a pre and post game writer for the hockey team, intern full-time with the Tampa Bay Rays, work par-time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, work a full-time fellowship at Mississippi State University, and now currently becoming an Assistant Director of Ticket Operations at the University of Florida.

What’s the greatest lesson sports has taught you?

Mo’ney: The greatest lesson sports has taught me is you’ve got a family. We are all in this together, in this lifestyle, some way shape or form. We are the ones who understand how heavy this field can be. This lesson helped me understand the importance of teamwork and discipline.

I would tell my younger self you can absolutely do anything in this male-dominated world. Go for the once in a lifetime opportunities and experience life and enjoy the journey to success. I would let her know to that nothing is easy but you have to keep pushing.

What’s been the biggest payoff since you took your shot in sports?

Mo’ney: I believe my biggest payoff from sports was being apart of the first National Championship at Mississippi State University when they won the 2021 NCAA Baseball Championship. It felt like magic to physically be apart of the day in and day out of baseball, working every single home game to finally reach the goal everyone is seeking.

It felt so great because I knew how much it meant to the University and fans, it was a feeling of genuine happiness and excitement I had never seen before. I was the girl from Florida who took the leap of faith and moved just myself and my things 11 hours away from everything I’ve ever known, to be welcomed and found another place to call home. We worked so hard that year and the National Championship paid off.

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Why do you love sports and the women’s sports community?

Mo’ney: I love sports because of the togetherness it brings everyone. I love that the mood can be changed in one play and become something historical. I love that there’s opportunity for women in the sports community now and we have voices. I love that we are not just beautiful women, we are knowledgeable, hardworking and talented individuals who can and have been changing the world for up and coming women in sports.

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