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To the woman in sports who was told to never quit

To the woman in sports who was told to never quit:


Seriously. It’s okay.

We always hear that we shouldn’t quit, especially in the sports world:

“No one likes a quitter”

“Don’t quit when things get hard”

“You only fail if you quit”

But it’s not true and we need to learn to quit when things no longer serve us.

Quitting is self care.

Quitting is respecting and understanding yourself enough to know when it’s time to move on.

Quitting isn’t failure; it’s learning what isn’t for you so you can make room for what is for you.

Quitting is okay.

We burn ourselves out and do things that aren’t lighting our souls on fire simply because we don’t want to be a “quitter”.

Would you rather be forcing yourself to do something that brings you no joy and is a struggle to do or quit and use that energy for something else?

You’re allowed to change.

You’re allowed to rediscover yourself and what brings you joy.

You’re allowed to let go of something that once brought you joy but no longer does.

You’re allowed to be human.

So my advice is to quit.

Quit doing things you don’t like.

Quit pushing yourself too hard.

Quit doing things because other people think you should or because they might label you as a quitter.

Quit doing what doesn’t light your soul on fire anymore so you can discover what does.

Quit listening to that voice inside your head that tells you not be a quitter despite your body and soul telling you to quit.


You know what’s best for you, and sometimes that’s quitting.

Quitting can be permanent or it can be temporary. It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to move on. It’s okay to leave things behind. And it’s also okay to come back to them later.

You know in your soul when it’s time to quit. This is your permission to listen to it.

Your hype girl,


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