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How to support women’s sports this holiday season

We know this holiday season doesn’t look like the rest, so we’ve put together an unconventional holiday guide that helps you support women in sports in various ways—many won’t even cost you a dime!


The pandemic won’t last forever, which means sports will return again. Take this time to do some research and plan how you can support women in sports when they’re back.

  • Find local women’s teams you can follow and support when they’re back, whether it’s a pro team, college team, or amateur team.
  • Is there a pro league you’ve always wanted to watch? Take the time to find out how you can watch and support when they’re back. Unfortunately, with the lack of media coverage and broadcasting for women’s sports, it can be difficult, but now’s the perfect time to be ready when sports are back.


Gift a sports game “rain cheque” to friends or family. Whether it’s hitting a local game, making a road trip to the nearest team, or planning a night out to watch a game, giving the gift of future tickets or an evening out is the perfect way to support women’s teams/leagues when they’re back and gives you and your loved ones something to look forward to.


Times are hard right now, but you can still support women’s sports without spending a dime.

  • Engage with your fav women’s sports accounts on social media. Many organizations and businesses are relying on social media to stay afloat right now. Don’t underestimate the value of liking, commenting, sharing, and saving their content.
  • Share content from your favourite accounts to help them reach more people.
  • Praise your fav players, leagues, or products from women in sports on social media. Word of mouth is essential, and you could help a team gain a new fan or a local business gain a new sale from a simple post.


Have a daughter or niece who loves sports? Have a sister, mom, or friend who plays sports or has always wanted to play a certain sport? Give them the gift of sport this year and it’ll be a gift for years to come.


  • Give them new sports equipment/gear or get them started with gear for a new sport. You can even get creative and find items that allow them to practice their sport safely at home.
  • Give a gift card for sports lessons from a local league or training service.
  • Give them sessions with a trainer to help them reach their athletic goals.
  • Sign them up for a sports team they’ve always wanted to join (when it’s safe to do so).

Above all, give them the gift of believing in them, supporting their sports dreams, and instilling the belief that sports ARE for them.


Have a sports fan in your family? Give them their favourite player or team’s apparel under the tree. For some women’s leagues, their apparel sales go directly back to helping the athletes and/or teams. Give a loved one their new fav jersey AND support women in sports.


  • Do you have a loved one who idolizes a female athlete? Grab them their jersey or shirsey.
  • Have a loved one who loves a certain sport? Grab some apparel from the pro or local women’s league. (WNBA Orange Hoodie anyone?!)
  • Is there a local team your friends/family loved supporting pre-Covid? Reach out to the team about apparel sales or go to your local apparel shop to get special team apparel made!


Before you go to large retailers for your holiday shopping, take the time to find local businesses with products/services made for or by women in sports.


  • There are many women creating products and/or services that focus on women in sports—many do it to simply help further the game, but we assure you they value your support more than you know. Have a favourite account you love following? See what ways you can buy from them or support them!
  • Buy books, products, or services from female athletes. Many former pro athletes have written books, started businesses you can support, or offer camps, training, etc.
  • Are your favourite businesses or services run by women in sports on hold due to Covid? Reach out and see if you can purchase a gift card to support them now and when they’re back up and running.

Check out our herCommunity Board to explore women in sports to support or post your own!

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