How to support women in sports this holiday season (and year-round)

’tis the season to support the heck out of women in sports (like every season around here, but with more tinsel)

We’ve added both free and paid ideas in each section as a reminder that support doesn’t always require financial help!

Whether you’re looking for ideas for the women and girls in your life or channeling the holiday spirit to level up your support of women in sports, this holiday guide to supporting women in sports is for you (and is applicable year-round)!

Watch women’s sports


Watch women’s sports on TV

  • Though it’s not always as easy as turning on the sports channels and finding a women’s sports game to watch, with a little research, you can find how to watch and/or stream games. Plus, more networks are realizing what we’ve always known (that women’s sports are entertaining) and putting women’s sports on TV. Watch what you can and continue creating the demand for women’s sports

Head to a rink, pitch, or court in your area and catch some girls and women’s sports teams in action

  • Have a favourite sport? Do a quick search to find your local girls/women’s team and go watch. Interested in getting into a different sport? Do the same. Sports don’t have to be at the professional level to be entertaining – all levels need support.

Purchase streaming packages for women’s pro leagues like WNBA League Pass

Buy season tickets to your local women’s sports teams

Create a game-day (or weekend) experience and gift a trip to see your loved one’s favourite women’s sports team

  • Level up the excitement with game tickets and apparel to wear on the trip under the tree

Promote women in sports


Add women’s sports into your conversations

  • If you’re a sports fan, how often do you bring up men’s sports in conversations? Start bringing up women’s sports that much.

Support athletes, teams, leagues, and organizations on social media

  • Engage with your fav women’s sports accounts on social media. Many organizations and businesses rely on social media for promotion. Don’t underestimate the value of liking, commenting, and sharing their content.
  • Share content from your favourite accounts to help them reach more people
  • Shoutout your fav players, leagues, or products from women in sports on social media. Word of mouth is essential, and you could help a team gain a new fan or a local business gain a new sale from a simple post

If you own a business or work in a corporate setting, sponsor a women’s/girls’ sports team or put some of your advertising budget towards a local women’s/girls’ team

Purchase from women in sports


Purchase products and services from women in sports

  • (pro tip: use our herCommunity directory to discover women in sports to support)

Purchase gift cards from businesses owned by women in sport

Buy league or team apparel

Give the gift of sports


Encourage girls and women to be involved in sports

  • It costs 0 dollars to encourage people. Encourage the girls and women in your life to play sports, work in sports, watch sports, volunteer in sports. Help them see what’s possible in sport. It only takes a spark to ignite a fire – ignite their passion.

Volunteer your time with a local team or non-profit

Join a rec league team with your friend(s) to spend time together and play sports


Donate to a non-profit

Cover sport registration fees

Gift new or used sports equipment

Sign your loved one (or yourself up) for sport-specific training or skills

Be the woman you needed as a girl


Share your story to empower other girls and women

  • Your story matters and it could be the reason another girl or woman says “Because of her, I can”

Lead by example

  • Show girls and women what’s possible in sport by following your passions. If she can see it, she can be it.

Understand the inequities girls and women face in sport and help level the playing field

  • We can’t do it alone. Together, we can level the playing field

Commit to supporting women in sports

  • Take time to get familiar with and support your local women’s sports teams

Gift a sports game package to a loved one to spark a love for the game

Purchase season tickets to a local women’s sports team and give them to girls and women in your area

herCommunity for women in sports


Browse our directory, jobs + events for women in sports

Tell the women in sports in your life about herCommunity to help them discover new opportunities


Join herCommunity

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