4 reasons women should play sports as adults

We know the demands of adulthood make it hard to find the time to play sports, but we also know how important it is to find the time. We’ve put together the top 4 reasons women should play sports as adults.

Whether you’ve played sports in the past or have always had a dream of playing a new sport or getting back into one, we’re here to tell you to DO IT (when it’s safe to do so where you are, of course)!

We promise you won’t regret it.


This one is obvious, but also one of the most important factors of continuing to play sports as an adult.

Physical activity is proven to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and can reduce the risk of various health issues while keeping our bodies strong, which is especially important as we age.

While hitting the gym, going for a walk, or using your home gym will give you that endorphin rush, nothing compares to a good sweat sesh with your girls (especially if you’re missing that competitive side that’s just waiting to get back out there). Plus, having your sport(s) as motivation to get stronger, faster, etc. will help keep you motivated to practice and workout when you’re not playing.


“It’s been forever! Let’s get together next week to catch up!” she repeats every couple of months, never finding the time to actually connect with said person.

Sound familiar?

Life gets busy, and often time our social life can take the hit.

Cue sports.

Joining a team, whether it’s one where you don’t know anyone or you make one with your group of friends, ensures you’ve got a consistent commitment to seeing your teammates (who will quickly become like family, if they aren’t already). Sports (and the post-game bevys) are a great way to stay connected with your community, stay accountable for your workouts and socializing, and even meet new people.

Moved to a new city? Joining a sports team is one of the best ways to meet new people, plus you already know you’ve got something in common.


Playing sports is a HUGE confidence and self-esteem boost. Sure, you’ll have “bad” games and get frustrated, especially if you’re learning a new sport or haven’t played in a while, but the reward of achieving a goal or mastering a new skill is unlike anything else.

The confidence you’ll find in yourself through sports will overflow into all aspects of your life as you overcome your fears and limitations and realize that you can do and succeed at challenging things.

Sure, learning a new sport, joining a team full of women you don’t know, or getting back into a sport you haven’t done in a while is daunting, but facing that fear will do wonders for you—we dare you to try it and see for yourself.


Life can be a lot (hello, 2020!), but playing sports gives you a much-needed break from “real life”. As we delve into our careers, relationships, and parenthood for some, sports allow us to keep a piece of ourselves and hold on to who we are (or discover new parts of ourselves), even when we’re being pulled a million different ways.

Sports allow you to do something that’s just for you and it’s heckin’ good for you, too—the ultimate self-care. Mark games and practices in your calendar and make them a non-negotiable date with yourself.

You deserve this for YOU, girl!

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