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4 ways to take your shot in sports

There are so many powerful ways to live your soul’s truth through sport. Whether you are new to sports or a long-time participant, you and all women belong in sports.

We’ve put together four of the top ways the sports community is here for women who want to get involved or stay involved in sports.

It’s your turn to become the MVP, girl. 


Find the sports or activities that give you the most joy, regardless of experience. It’s never too late to try something new and, there are many different leagues, clubs and initiatives around the world that offer fun and inclusive sporting environments. From walking soccer, pickleball, and running clubs to recreational co-ed hockey leagues. There is a place for you in the sports community, so take your shot, connect with members of your community and have fun!


Sport can be a large community and can always benefit from more women leading and volunteering within it. There are many ways to volunteer, including coaching, officiating, or taking a role within sports organizations like sitting on a board of directors. Many of these roles can have huge influences on young girls and women participating in sport. To see more women leading and participating at the volunteer level in sport from a player perspective can help encourage young girls to stay involved in sport, playing longer and then even transitioning to volunteer roles themselves. Volunteering is another way to get involved in the sports community and show girls and women how powerful they can be through sport. 


Your contribution to sports doesn’t have to directly be on the field, ice, or court. Our playing days may not last forever (or maybe were never your thing in the first place), but working in sports is a great way to be involved in the sports community, contribute to the sports world, and even give back to the game and sports community by creating your own business that gives women in sports what you always wished you had. You don’t even have to go back to school (though you totally could and should if you want to!) or switch to a new career to work in sports as you can use your skills and expertise in a role within sports. Corporations, teams, and sport organizations need positions like accountants, marketing professionals, human resources, social media, customer service, and the list goes on and on and on. Whatever role in sports you’re dreaming of, you can make it happen!


There are some incredible women in sports out there, and they need your support. For far too long young girls and women have been left out of the sports community. But now, a change is on the horizon. Today, women are starting to get more equitable opportunities to showcase their excellence and dedication to the sports community. There are so many ways to support those women in their efforts to be seen and heard. Invest in women in sport by listening to their podcasts, attending and streaming their sports games, purchasing their small business goods and promoting the heck out of them. There is still more to be done in the goal of achieving gender equity, but taking the initiative and supporting women in sport through various means is a great way to contribute to all who are working towards a better community for women in sport. 

There are many ways to get involved in sport, find what sets your soul on fire the most and take your shot. 


We know it isn’t always easy to find the opportunities, resources, or connections to take your shot in sport. That’s why we’re creating a space for the women’s sports community to come together to build connections, support the heck out of each other, and find opportunities that light their souls on fire.

We can’t wait for you to join our new community coming soon for women in sports.

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