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Education to empower female athletes in fitness and sport

The Foundation for Empowered Fitness and Sport Performance.

An online program designed for the female athletes and sport teams.

She Moves is the first-ever foundational movement course created for female athletes.

By building a solid foundation of functional movement patterns, She Moves helps female athletes, in any sport, understand their bodies in a new way and build physical literacy based on a comprehensive neuromotor approach. This online course and coaching program empowers female athletes to understand their bodies and become stronger and more confident.

She Moves offers a fully customizable experience and provides an integrative approach to sports performance and fitness by focusing on core activation, breathing techniques, injury prevention, practical and applicable exercises and foundational movements to help every girl and woman understand her body in a whole new way.

Now, women, girls and coaches can access this revolutionary information that will help female athletes understand HOW to move their bodies correctly, and prevent injuries so they can become strong, empowered and resilient.

With this information and knowledge, female athletes can reach their individual goals and stay active for life.

Designed for individuals AND coaches, sports teams and organizations, She Moves is bridging the gap and providing female athletes access to revolutionary, research-based information to help them understand their bodies, prevent injury and enhance their overall performance.


Hi, I’m Micaela Zettel, Registered Physiotherapist with a Masters in Clinical Science Advanced Health Care Practice in Sport and Exercise Medicine, and a Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy. I am a Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, owner of Instil Physio and the creator of She Moves.

I’m so tired of seeing the fallout of poor information within youth sports and fitness. Every day in my physio clinic, I work with elite athletes who are not able to access this information. They are frustrated and often dealing with an injury that could have easily been prevented.

Women have not been included in the research surrounding athletic performance and there is a serious lack of accurate information that is based on female anatomy and physiology. This inequity has recently been brought to the forefront of the industry, yet female athletes need access to this information now, not in 20 years when it’s trickled down into the system.

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life working in a wide variety of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine clinics, working with elite athletes, NHL players, OHL teams, volleyball teams, competitive sports clubs, and so on. I’ve worked with infants to geriatric care and everything in between. In 2016, I opened my own practice, Instil Physio, specializing in working with female athletes and I’ve taken a number of courses to enhance my skills.

I very quickly realized that women need access to the right information, at the right time (preferably in adolescence, so as to take a preventative approach), so they can learn HOW to move based on female anatomy and development. When they understand their bodies, they are able to feel confident and empowered, they can prevent injuries and enhance their performance.

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