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Suite #10
1201 5th Avenue
Valemount BC, V0E2Z0

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Physiotherapy clinic located in stunning and rural Valemount, BC

Participating in Physiotherapy can be beneficial to assist you in regaining strength and mobility that is often lost with an injury.

Our Physiotherapists have been specifically trained in assessment and treatment techniques.  We can work with you to tailor a treatment plan that meets your immediate and long-term goals.

The clinic is also set up to offer exercise therapy classes and yoga with a gym area.  Entrepreneurs have rented the gym space to teach yoga classes to the public.  These classes have included “mom and baby” classes designed to give new moms an outlet, a space and a workout.  It can seem impossible to feel normal post-partum and this class has allowed the women to bond, chat, compare, give advice and build friendships that were otherwise quite limited due to COVID.

We have made ourselves available during odd hours to accommodate a variety of situations (for example appointments after kids’ “bed-time” means that moms can fully participate and focus on themselves).


Owner and Physiotherapist Audrey Rose grew up in Valemount, BC but moved away to pursue Physiotherapy.  She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy and remained in Alberta for a number of years while working and obtaining additional coursework. Like most Physiotherapist’s, owning her own clinic was on her radar from the start but opportunity didn’t present until just recently; when in September of 2021 she “took her shot” and opened up her own clinic in her hometown of Valemount, BC.  Audrey Rose is passionate about sports (and the topic of women in sports is close to her heart as she played “boys” hockey throughout her entire Elementary and High School years in this same town).  This town, her “boy” teammates and her coaches supported her during a time when she didn’t always feel welcome in the sport.

Since opening she has recruited Vanessa McGibbon, another local Physiotherapist to join the team.  Vanessa has taken additional training in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.  She advocates to women of all ages that the Pelvic floor function is worthy of discussion and that changes can be made.  In doing so, she has undoubtedly helped numerous women feel confident to participate in sports (without pelvic issues or pain).  Vanessa is an outdoor sports enthusiast with her hobbies ranging from Kayaking, rock climbing, workouts,

Our massage therapist (Dallas Bullock) is currently on maternity leave and we are eagerly anticipating her return.  Like many people in this valley, Dallas is always outdoors and understands the role she plays in helping keep her client’s bodies able to do the things they love (which may include sports).


We are always looking for other Registered Health Professionals but find it quite challenging to recruit being we are quite remote.  We would love to build a few relationships with other professionals (Acupuncturists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Kinesiologists) who might be interested in occasional stops to the valley to perform assessment/treatment.

If people can spread the word about this little clinic in this quaint little mountain town in the hopes that maybe one day someone might be willing to stop by while already here on a bike trip and perform orthotic assessments (for example).

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