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Ball Hockey Boot Camp

Ball Hockey Boot Camp

Columbia, South Carolina

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Dedicated to growing the game of ball hockey

Ball Hockey Boot Camp is dedicated to growing the game of ball hockey for young girls and boys.

Our mission is to service areas that are lacking hockey programs. We aim to introduce kids to a new sport, help keep them active and encourage them to have fun along the way.

By starting out in the area of Columbia, South Carolina, there are no hockey programs currently available for youth or adults. Our goal is to implement free youth clinics throughout the area to help spread awareness for the sport and teach youth something new. Also, we plan to take our clinics onto the Fort Jackson Military Installation to provide military children the opportunity to play for free as well. As of now on their base, they do not have hockey offered as a youth sport.

We recognize the lack of diversity present within the game of hockey on all levels and we are focused on encouraging more young women and people of color into the sport.


Ball Hockey Boot CampAshley Mouzzon, Founder and Owner of Ball Hockey Boot Camp, fell in love with ball hockey back in 2002 in her home town of Williamstown, NJ. From there her passion for hockey blossomed into a mini obsession. She was unable to play as she grew older and aged out of the youth program and girls programs were non existent. She picked hockey back up in 2017 playing adult ice hockey and hasn’t slowed down since.

After her time as an active duty soldier in the US Army, Ashley rediscovered ball hockey at the adult level. She even tested her skills and strength and tried out for the US Women’s National ball hockey team in 2021. Now as a USA Ball Hockey Certified coach, Ashley is dedicated to igniting the passion for the sport in young girls and boys. She not only created BHBC, she will also be putting her boots on the ground and coaching each and every clinic we host.

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Date: April 1-2, 2023