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Ultimate resource for adult recreational sports. Grow Up and Play!

Many people—especially women—think participating in sports ends after high school or college. That isn’t—and shouldn’t be—the case.

However, finding a league or sport that’s right for you as an adult can be daunting. That’s why Adults Play Sports was created. is an online resource for all things related to adult recreational sports. Learn about sports options and other useful information in the blog section. Use the directory to find a league near you based on sports preferences, gender preferences, skill level (and more). Read gear reviews for recommendations of the best products based on your budget.

Where did I get this idea?

I’m a lifelong soccer player, who’s now 50 years old but still plays (on three teams). I also play other sports. I meet so many people who are surprised to hear I still play and tell me they’d love to start or get back into a sport, but they don’t know how. THAT is why I created Adults Play Sports. I want to make the barrier to entry easy and accessible for those wanting to play sports after they are all grown up.

Hence my tagline, “Grow Up and Play!”


Like I’ve said, I’m a lifelong athlete who will participate in sports every chance I get. I also have a journalism degree, so writing is another passion of mine. I’ve worked in sales, marketing, and public relations throughout my career.


The best way to support me is by following me on social media, subscribing to my website (free), and spreading the word (this is probably the best way to support me since I’m a one-woman show just starting out on this venture). If you have friends you want to encourage to play sports or re-enter the sporting world, let them know about

I’m also supporting myself with freelance writing gigs as this gets up and running, so if you need a writer, I’m available! I write short/long-form content, copy, government proposals, press releases–you name it. I write all my blog posts if you’d like to see a sample of my work.

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