Lisa Corman | Fulfilling your sports passion at 48

Sometimes, you do not know that your greatest passion in life is missing until you have lived more than half of your life (statistically speaking). But at least you are one of the lucky ones… After all, you found your passion and so many hum through life never finding their true joy. I am one […]

Alero Eribo | Turning hardship into empowering others

About 10 months ago, while doing a research project for school, I stumbled across a Pittsburgh Penguins game and in that instant, I fell in love in hockey. The next day, I found a rink near my house and went for the free skate. I rented skates for six dollars and I wobbled my way […]

Laura Gibbs | Taking your shot

Oh. You’re a girl… I grew up on a farm in small town Dauphin, Manitoba with my parents, older brother, and younger sister. I could usually be found following my dad around the yard or riding in the tractor with him. And when the work was done, we might go hunting or fishing. It didn’t […]

Intro: Welcome to the her Soul Shot Podcast

her Soul Shot Podcast

It’s game time, baby! The her Soul Shot Podcast is here and you can listen to it below or on your fav podcast app! WELCOME TO THE HER SOUL SHOT PODCAST In the first episode, you’ll meet your hosts (and new friends), Kyla and Paige. You’ll find out how her Soul Shot was started, who […]

Kyla Lane | The journey to creating her Soul Shot

I am the girl who never believed in herself. I am the girl who never believed she was enough. I am the girl who constantly questioned her place in this world. Through sports, though, I was able to find myself. I was never an elite or professional athlete, not even close, but that didn’t mean […]